Sunday, September 27, 2020

Got Therapy?


Got Therapy? 

Why not? Most people turn their nose up to therapy because the connotation that comes with the word therapy is that there is something terribly wrong with that person when the reality is there is something magical that happens to a person who seeks and utilizes the life tools therapy offers a person.  I became overweight as a child because I didn’t have the tools to deal with emotional abuse. I’m so thankful for therapy because it gave me the tools I needed to deal with my own issues but also deal with others who don’t have the tools to deal with theirs. 

What most people don’t realize is that their insurance will cover therapy and there are millions of places that provide free mental health services as well and there is no reason for people not to take advantage of this especially because of how important mental health is to our complete wellness. 

The majority of people who are overweight are that way because of emotional issues that they have not addressed. Being overweight is the gateway to diseases just the same as alcohol is to drug use. Imagine how many addicts, overweight people and emotionally unstable people could be helped if they sought out the tools to help them live in reality instead of needing crutches to coup. The unhealthy things people do are the staples that keep the issues from coming to the surface so they can sort them out and live in a healthy mental state. 

When my mother was dying and my holistic approach was rejected with ridicule, I realized there were still some issues from my childhood  that needed to be addressed. I didn’t want there to be anything but love surrounding my mothers memory so I insisted we go to therapy and our relationship on earth ended with nothing but love between us with all of our issues sorted and resolved. Peace of mind opens us up to use our time for positive things that accelerate the joy in our lives.

Being a parent is mentally challenging as it is but when you add in the outside judgements from family, friends and other parents, it can produce some very unhealthy behaviors. There are so many different ways to parent and so many issues materialize through the issues that parents have that they haven’t addressed and the lifestyles they live. If the goal of parenting is to create a little human that develops into a healthy well balanced happy person who contributes a positive to this world then therapy should be a part of it because if we truly want to evolve then we stop the generational mental health issues and get professional guidance not because there is something terribly wrong but because we don’t want there to be.  There are so many people whose lives are destroyed by childhood trauma and I truly believe that if people start utilizing mental health services for “courses” in treatment throughout all the stages of life we as a society will mentally evolve which is truly how we will change the world. When we truly balance mind, body and soul, we become positive energy. Imagine how everyone being in balance like that would change the energy of the world in a positive direction.