Monday, September 30, 2019

Autonomic Neuropathy

    "Autonomic neuropathy is a group of symptoms that occur when there is damage to the nerves that manage every day body functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, sweating, bowel and bladder emptying, and digestion."
    Most people with this are too embarrassed to talk about it. This morning as I try to get ready to go do my physical therapy, I am dripping sweat from pores I didn't even know existed. You could put a bucket under my arms and hear a constant flow of droplets. There is nothing I can do but sweat it out. My nerves are so badly damaged that they send false messages to my glands to sweat. Some nights it's only the back of my head is soaked and others I will sweat through both beds at my house and end up sweating it out on the couch. 
    I've incorporated  a breathing technique before bed called 7-4-8 that I read about online and was told something similar by a friend. It's helps reduce the night sweats by 30%. Never did I think this would be something I would have to deal with. It's sucks and it's embarrassing but it's part of my recovery and who I am now. 
    Today instead of letting the sweating bother me, I'm going to do my best at self led physical therapy and then top off my day, achieving my goal of walking down the isle sans assistance as a bridesmaid at my friends wedding.  It's not going to be the prettiest walk but it's going to be on someone's arm and not on my crutch.  I've worked so hard to be able to do this and I'm not going to let anything dull my sparkle. 

    I guess the moral is to always look at the bright side and to take our victories where they come, no matter the size, it's still a win. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

4 Step Guideline to Physical Therapy

"My style is wild and you know that it still is
Disco bag schlepping and you're doing the bump
Shake your rump" - Beastie Boys

In the last few weeks I've been shakin' my rump and working very hard at reversing the muscle atrophy in my booty and my left leg from my hips surgeries and recovery over the last 4 years. Having my bones shaved twice in an 8 month time period added an extra hurdle to overcome. I have years of atrophy which starts at 2 weeks of inactivity plus 2 years of bone healing from each surgery date ahead of me. By systematically strengthening the muscles and being patient, I am starting to see improvements in the atrophied areas. I've used these 4 steps as a guideline to my physical therapy: 

1. Isometric exercises 
To improve circulation and increase strength in the atrophied muscle. Isometric exercises involve contracting the muscle for a few seconds at a time

2. Range of Motion:
Progressing to range of motion exercises that involve joint movement without adding resistance

3. Light resistance 
Progressing to light resistance such as small hand weights or resistance tubes in order to begin rebuilding your lost muscle mass. Adding resistance gradually to avoid injury or straining .

4. Increasing resistance:
Slowly progressing to adding more resistance, moderately,  include more heavier free weights and weight machines. Start including more functional movements into your exercise program. For example, squats and step-ups will to build up atrophied quadriceps muscles, as well as bicep curls and overhead presses to strengthen atrophied muscles in the upper body.

Recovering from an injury takes patience, time, proper physical therapy and nutrition. If you do the work, in time you will see the results and be able to come out of it even stronger and healthier! 

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

East Meets West creates Raw Earth Medicine

The hardest part of being holistic is finding a balance between Eastern & Western Medicine.  You have to be able to put your ego aside & objectively look at each situation & do what is best for the body so you can live in optimum health.  

Much like the decision to vaccinate your child, you have to look at each illness you face & evaluate if you need Western Medicine or if there is a holistic approach. Knowing that I can’t holistically fight Polio, I vaccinated my child against it.  My goal is to use as few pharmaceuticals as possible but to know when the holistic approach needs to reach for the hand of Western Medicine.

As long as I do my share to try to prevent illness/disease and don’t abuse Western Medicine then I feel okay using it when I see fit.  I don’t reach for an Advil or pain pill for aches & pains because I know a holistic approach works better in longevity. I don’t use an Antibiotic every time I’m sick but I do know when to say when like when Bronchitis is moving it’s way to pneumonia, antibiotics are necessary because my eastern approach needs a hand. 

I think the issue facing and caused by Western Medicine is our abuse of it. Instead of living a healthy lifestyle & eating to prevent disease, most people live a lifestyle & eat a diet that causes disease; forcing Western Medicine to virtually keep them alive. Having to create pills to control cholesterol, blood pressure, circulation, blood sugar, erections, consistency of our blood along with surgeries to control weight, remove fat, unclog arteries and the list goes on and on. These all being things you can prevent & control holistically. 

My wish is for each person to do their share, create health in their lifestyle & within their body without abusing pills & surgeries, allowing Western Medicine to focus on research for the unknown instead of fixing mans created health epidemics.  The goal should be Raw Earth Medicine a balance between Eastern & Western Medicine, each holding tho others hand to keep you living a long healthy life! 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Digestive System Detox Juice

Detox Juice
3 Apples
1 Beet
3 Carrots
1 Lemon
Best cold pressed but still great for you in a smoothie! Digestive System Detox Juice is a wonderful blend of fruits and vegetables that help detox the body and push toxins out of the system. On days I drink detox Juice, I up my water consumption to give this juice a little help in flushing out my digestive system. .