Friday, May 15, 2020

The Coddling of Obesity

The coddling of Obesity 

Before I offend everyone let me first state that in my lifetime I have lost a total of 227 pounds. 84lbs at 14 in an unhealthy way, 100lbs in a healthy way at 19 and after my pregnancy in a healthy way, 43lbs at 40 . I understand the intricacies of eating disorders first hand but also the development of disease through nutrition through multiple certifications in nutrition. My outlook is my perspective through my studies and personal experience and while it may be hard to swallow it’s intent is to promote health in longevity, respect of the world and the betterment of the human race as a whole of individuals. 

As I write my 4th book, nutrition during pregnancy through early child development, during a Pandemic, I start to read a lot about the co-morbidities of those succumbing to covid-19.  Its interesting the worlds perception of health. It’s apparent from what’s being reported that taking pharmaceuticals to control someone’s blood pressure and cholesterol or on fertility hormones isn’t classified as unhealthy or co morbidity but status quo. 

I am 40 years old, I weigh 149 pounds, I’m 5’8, my resting blood pressure is around 60/90, my cholesterol levels are exactly where they should be, I take no medications, have no gastric issues, no hormonal or fertility issues, had zero pregnancy symptoms and my only health issues are from being hit by a car.  If I died from covid-19 it would legitimately be from the virus. 

I see a lot of people protesting being lockdown because they say they’re healthy and shouldn’t have to sacrifice for those that are at risk. I see many people scared of dying of covid-19 but not enough to realize that their obesity and reliance on the medical industry to keep their body alive instead of making the changes they need to in order to not be at risk. Now I understand there is always an exception to every rule but point blank the medical industry wastes a lot of its time and funding to develop ways for people to remain obese while their body gives clear signs its failing. Being overweight is a symptom of disease. If you do not have a healthy BMI and fall into your weight/height recommendations you are symptomatic. The symptom is excess fat storage. How much money has been spent to create pills for blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular issues as well as procedures like gastric bypass and fertility. Imagine the natural diseases we could cure if every person took responsibility for their health instead of letting western medicine keep them alive in spite of their lifestyle. 

Before the pandemic there were people dying of diseases because of the selfishness of people who don’t want to be held accountable for their choices. There have been multiple pandemics at the hands of eating animals yet nobody has altered their consumption. To see people want to deny protestors medical care if they contract covid-19 while the whole reason this lockdown exists is people eat animals which causes pandemics and the over consumption of animals leads to most diseases that waste modern medicines time.   I do not see the reflective reaction that their choices to coddle obesity put them at risk and  now they want everyone in world to bend over and coddle them some more. 

To watch people post pictures of their quarantined food which is why they’re more susceptible in the first place and the reason for the pandemic is a new low of selfishness that is hard to swallow. 

I understand the struggle to get on the path to health but I don’t understand the wallowing in the struggle without seeing significant immediate results. I lost 100lbs and kept it off for 20 years until i had a baby then got myself right back into a healthy weight. I want to live and I understand that if pills control my body and if an organ isn’t functioning properly or I’m emotionally struggling that I need to do something to remedy it. That is the accountability I see lacking in the world.  The reality is that when you live in good health you affect everyone and everything around you. Your body being self sufficient because you make good decisions, it creates health that spreads. It takes each individual striving to be a good accountable person that allows us to create change as a whole. All of this would help the environment, the economy, all industries and child development to ensure the future evolves in good health in a flourishing environment where nobody suffers at the hands of man made disease.