Thursday, March 31, 2016


I am so happy and thankful for my support network. I wasn't born into an emotionally supportive family who surrounds themselves with positive people who speak supportively to each other. My upbringing was luxurious but critical and emotionally destructive. It's taken years to get to the happy place I am at without self destructing. I have worked hard to cure my eating disorders and not hide them. Overcome the low self esteem I developed from my older brothers torment as a child and my moms constant criticisms.  I am so thankful for the people who I have made my family who love me, believe in me and support me in the most positive light. By removing toxic people, toxic foods and toxic behaviors from my life, I found an inner and outer peace I never thought was possible. I can express my feelings in a healthy way, I process what people say for what it's worth and I work hard to make sure I am constantly moving forward towards my dreams. 

No matter how low you may feel, just take one step towards your dreams by removing one thing that's preventing you from getting there. Before you know it your issues are thousands of steps behind you and you will that much closer to your dreams. 

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