Sunday, April 19, 2020

Pandemics and Animal Agriculture

I’ve never been one to go along with the masses & at 11 years old, I didn’t like the texture or taste of eating animals so I became a vegetarian. It was about health for me.  

As I, a 25 year vegetarian/vegan, sit in my house quarantined with my 2 year old who was suppose to start pre school, I watch the world point fingers with blaming President Trump, hating China & people bashing other people for not staying at home. People are hoarding toilet paper, cleaning products, meats and junk food. There are people protesting, people losing their ability to support their family and people getting sick all because of a pandemic. 

The thing I don’t see people taking responsibility for is their contribution to how a pandemic even comes to be.  If people didn’t eat animals most pandemics wouldn’t exist. It’s not something that you can debate about. It’s a fact. Each pandemic above originated because people eat animals. 

Instead of using this pandemic to see the errors in our ways people do everything but & create blame & hate for any reason because they’re afraid of dying, losing family & friends, losing their jobs but all of this wouldn’t exist if they didn’t eat animals. If you remove eating animals and animal agriculture from this world, pandemics wouldn’t exist along with 82% of the pollutants that are destroying the environment & more than 50% of diseases wouldn’t exist either.  

The burden placed on the medical industry, financial industry, the environment and the general good and health of people all stem from one single thing, the fact that people eat animals. 

Why aren’t we taking this time to figure out how we as individuals can stop the cause of these things in the first place.  We shouldn’t chastise others when it’s a time to become enlightened, grow & change. 

I didn’t contribute to this happening but I’m using this time to see how I can further contribute good in the world. I preach accountability to see change. I know my opinions aren’t popular but I’m not living my life to be popular, I’m living it to help create health & well being in a world so selfish it would rather point their finger at anyone or die than change. 

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