Saturday, February 27, 2021

Life in all its fullness is Mother Nature obeyed



Weston A. Price was a dentist who studied the affects that the Western Processed diet had on teeth and facial bone structure. I have extensively studied his theories and findings and have been certified in his theory on Holistic Nutrition. 

During my pregnancy I applied his principles on processed food chemicals and hormones to my nutrition with the sole purpose being to see how it would affect my daughters teeth and facial structure. 

My baby teeth were “crowded” and i had to have expanders used to widen my palette and create space to straighten my teeth. My mother’s diet during her pregnancy was what I consider to be in the height of “fake foods”, hormone enhanced meats and white sugar drinks which I believe caused me to need orthodontics to fix my teeth. 

Being conscious during my pregnancy, I didn’t eat any processed foods with chemicals or any foods with hormones. I ate a completely plant based diet with the exception of 6 times I ate a black bean cake with hormone free egg yoke to see if it produced pregnancy symptoms (it did) but other than that my nutrition was all whole natural plant based foods as if I lived in an indigenous village without a road to western civilization. This produced in my daughter straight teeth with plenty of room for her adult teeth. She doesn’t have bucked front teeth, crowded teeth, crooked teeth or any narrowing in her facial features or palette. 

Since Price’s theories proved that changes to facial structure and teeth happened in just one generation of exposure to western foods, I will continue to make a conscious effort to feed her in a manner that will continue to benefit her teeth and we will see the results when her adult teeth come in. 

It’s fun as a nutritionist to apply theories to the nutrition I feed my child and see what happens. The best we can do when we feed our children is to be conscious and try to obey Mother Nature so we can live in optimum health while eating to prevent disease! 



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