Friday, March 27, 2015

My dog is the asshole on the block....

I never ever choose the easy road.  Like seriously, never.  I could rescue any dog, there are tons of sweet dogs that need loving homes but no, I am always drawn to the asshole.  First there was Bayonne when I was 17.  I thought I could hide her from my parents for a while until I came up with a game plan of how to get them to find her randomly roaming... our backyard?  Or something to that affect. Being the responsible 17 year old that I was, I stopped to hook up Crystal on my way home...- (sidenote: yes doing Crystal Meth as a teen is a whole other blog post entirely) ~ anyhoo, when I rolled up and my dealer opened the door, Bayonne went nuts and he said "You need to take that thing back!"  What?  I would never and we didn't.  Bayonne lived for 10 years and only loved me and my father.  She bit my mom the night before she died because she served my dad dinner.  Now, here we are present day and what do you know, my dog is the asshole on the block.  People seriously walk across the street to avoid us now.  They also all think that I'm a raving lunatic bitch!  I mean, its all relative and personal interpretation but when you feel compelled to home a dog that will literally decide on a case by case basis who they will be nice to and who they will try to lung at with vicious barking until they virtually choke themselves out with no rhyme or reason, you tend to just give everyone a stern warning or correct them on what they're doing to contribute to this ludacris situation. Believe me, I try.  Every and any method to stop this crazy need to show every body that this is my mom and you are not to come near her and by the way this is also my sidewalk, my grass, my neighborhood and no you can not live in my world.  I don't think she's wrong at hating everyone because on the inside i do to.  Although, it would be nice to have social interactions with my neighbors but no, its just not allowed.  Instead my interactions include, can you walk faster by us or i'm sorry she just hates your dog, and my ultimate favorite, she hates children, especially yours.  Then there are my neighbors who's dogs have behavioral problems that produce an even more heinous behavior from Violet, like i can not even explain.  The real problem is that Violet is seriously the most delicious cuddle bug you've ever met.  She's potty trained, listens on command in the house and is really the most perfect little angel to me and I can not express how much joy she brings to me. I wish the world could see how special her little soul is but maybe secretly I don't.  Maybe it's the fact that I am the only one that these little assholes show their true selves to, maybe its the fact that Violet winks at me before she goes nutz on someone that warms my heart a little.  Maybe deep down I'm the asshole on the block too and sometimes I need a little saving.  I don't know what it is about the dog that hates everyone that makes me love them more but I all I know is..... My dog is the asshole on the block and I couldn't love her more.... except when I cringe with terror on walks for the people she hates.

VIOLET, The asshole on the Block!

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