Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What you feed your children sets the foundation for their eating habits and health for their entire life

“What you feed your children sets the foundation for their eating habits and health for their entire life” - Amy Michelle 

I want to start by telling other mothers that my intention is not to make you feel judged or bad. My intention is to provide information about what diseases are linked to foods to enlighten & motivate you to read labels & make better choices to create healthy eating habits. I want people to live long healthy lives & never have to experience or witness someone die a horrific death because they ate foods that caused their disease.

With that being said, as I navigate through motherhood the trend that I notice is feeding children, for lack of better words, like they’re little idiots. Giving them anything of convenience, that they’ll eat. Anything that won’t cause a struggle or time. What parents seem to overlook is that children are born with a clean slate. What you offer them from the beginning is what is going to determine what they gravitate towards their entire life. If they never taste a processed food they will never have the pallet to eat that over a whole food. They will actually reject it.

Foods like Doritos, McDonalds and even cereals have additives, preservatives and chemicals designed to create a chemical reaction in the brain & on the pallet that enhances the taste of the food. This makes the brain think the food tastes incredible & gets the person high from eating it. When you feed your child this it sets an unrealistic foundation making wholesome natural foods taste bad because they aren’t enhanced to cause the mental high that processed foods do. The purpose of processing foods like this is to cause a mental
addiction to the high of eating the food.

These chemicals, pesticides & preservatives are linked to cancer, digestion issues, adhd, behavior issues, obesity & many other diseases. Feeding your children these foods not only sets them up with life long struggles with bad eating habits but a foundation for disease to develop in the body. Eating these foods 10 times isn’t going to cause toxic build up, but 10 years of it will.  Check out these charts that show you what to look out for & why! Let’s feed to succeed! 

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