Friday, November 6, 2020

Joy and Fulfillment

The very core of a persons foundation for joy & fulfillment is set by what encompasses their first experiences. When taking my child to experience things like for example a Museum, I noticed that the Museum in itself is not the focus of the experience but rather the snacks & gift store purchases. When I take my daughter to an experience, she eats snacks in the car on the way & when we get to where we are going what we are seeing, learning, touching, viewing and the people we meet are the joy and the fulfillment within the experience. 

To see that birthday’s & holidays at school & how people define joy all mean unhealthy food, drinks & candy that are horrible for a persons health, it makes me step back & evaluate the possibility of how important it is for us as parents to treat the focus of an experience to be about the festivities, dancing, singing, being silly or just the exploration & what unfolds being what joy is derived from instead of the connotation that unhealthy choices in a new environment for another reason are what joy is based on because you can’t achieve fulfillment within that. 

Could shifting the mentality & focus help make it easier for people to create a life of balance & fulfillment because from their very core foundation they were directed to focus on actually being present in the moment & finding joy in singular things as they are. Dancing & singing with your friends at a birthday party without holding a drink or food in your hand but actually just enjoying it as it is. Do we contribute to the likelihood of unhealthy lifestyles as adults by the focus we put on the external unhealthy additions to simple moments. 

I’m not saying delish treats and cocktail splurges aren’t fun additions to a birthday party, I just wonder how different society would be if we tweaked the focus of how we achieve joy & fulfillment.  My intention is to set the foundation for my child not to focus on unhealthy choices but be happy in the present moment, not needing anything as a co dependent to achieve fulfillment & joy by giving her the foundation to easily achieve joy & fulfillment in each singular present moment of life, experiences & celebrations. 


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