Thursday, July 8, 2021

The small picture about health and Nutrition


The focus of life seems to always want to pull us to the whole picture, “the big picture” but what if what we really need to take into perspective is the smallest picture. Cells dividing “with an unerring certainty” is how life begins. Each step has to occur to evolve.  

“The functions and capacities of a complex organism are made possible by the structural arrangements and organic synthesis formed during embryonic evolution. 

Despite the proliferation of cells in the evolving embryo, they never lose their solidarity. Not only a continuous adjustment but also a profound equilibrium co-adapts the differentiated cellular units into functioning organs. The living unit spreads ever wider from the very first cell division tracing the lineaments of the new organism with an unerring certainty”  Herbert M. Shelton, author “Health for the Millions”

No Matter the being the cells are always fed in order to be capable of evolving. What they are fed is dependent on so many individual factors. That’s why nutrition principles as simple as feeding the cells and see how they develop are the best way for an individual to find health in a functional lifestyle. Nutrition is trial and error with the focus always being how to feed the cells with a net neutral of symptoms. Symptoms being the result of what’s consumed and the capacities of the cell to live and evolve in good health or is there an aversion.  Nutrition is hard because it’s very mental and that involves ego. Sometimes the things we love to eat the most are the things that cause us the most problems. I always recommend an 80/20 split between focusing on basic nutritional needs and pleasure eating.  You’ll really feel the difference after you pleasure eat and when you consistently nutritionally eat.   How you react to food and how another person does is all based on how you’re structured which starts with the first cell division, that’s why everyone has different nutritional needs, due to the individuals DNA  nutritional needs and that’s how nutrition needs to be approached.  Society has strayed far from this basic principle and not until the symptoms exist are people mindful of their nutrition. The purpose of eating is to keep your cells healthy so your organs can function not to keep your ego alive. Typically the death of the ego regarding food results in a healthier more conscientious person. 

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