Friday, May 27, 2022



Alcohol has a different relationship with all of its users and even its former users. Some people spend their entire lives in the pursuit of alcohol. Wether it be the weekend warrior who works hard all week and just gets wasted all weekend or the two glasses of wine a night business woman who just needs to unwind. Some people can have just one drink and some just can’t stop.  Most people start off a certain way with alcohol but it seems that the general gist is that a lot of peoples problems or lack thereof in life can be directly correlated with their relationship with alcohol. 

For me personally, there was a period of time where I did go out and enjoy drinking but i was always very controlled with the amount of nights and drinks I had once I learned my limits. I never let it affect accomplishing my goals in my career and fitness. After my relationship with many alcoholics I just made commitments to my health, my body and mind. I outgrew alcohol being part of my life and would have one drink here or there.  Slowly but surely as I would have an occasional drink, it would have a horrible affect on me. Like a sip of vodka would cause anxiety and I couldn’t tolerate the lack of mental control. I didn’t like how it made me feel. When I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy I didn’t want to have a drink especially while on the medications and I just haven’t had any alcohol since. It’s been over a year and I just don’t have alcohol in my life at all and it’s nothing like I can’t if i wanted to it’s just I think that drinking alcohol prevents you from evolving, enjoying life and tackling your goals.  Alcohol is the inventor of problems and the masker of emotional wellness. It robs you of life even your celebrations. Why is #alcohol the celebration and not the feelings of joy you feel being enough. Problem thinking, bad decision making, procrastination and in some cases health issues. You can only go so long before alcohol deteriorates you in some way so you either go down with it or survive it. 

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