Friday, July 31, 2015

My fantasies are weird....

This morning I was day dreaming about a  vacation line of cruises and destinations offering a fit and healthy atmosphere. Elevators only for the handicap. All meals have raw and organic options and nothing they cook with is processed or synthetic.  They offer every type of fitness workout from spin to barre to hot yoga, cross fit, jazzercise and dance - all day long. The entire vacation dedicated to optimum health in a fitness persons heaven. Late night pizza and buffet replaced with late night juices and raw almond butter cheesecake. Hot eucalyptus steam showers and Himalayan salt rooms distressing the body as you wait for your Korean style body scrub in the no clothing allowed open air spa. Alternative treatments offered from around the world to enlighten people with holistic health options to combat ailments. Raw cooking classes, food is thy medicine workshops and creative art classes too. Billy Joel, George Michael and The Eagles all set to perform ..... which is when I realized my fantasy had gone too far but the rest should and could really become reality, if everyone gunning for this organic change wins. Here's to hopefully making my holistic health fantasies a reality and I'll just buy tickets to see Billy, George and the boys! 

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