Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Mornings.......Life..... Its what you make of it!

HHave you ever had anything you truly loved taken from you or worked for something with every ounce of your being just taken from you?  I have!

My 5 year old chihuahua suddenly coughed and 3 hours later was dead from heart failure.  I was destroyed.  I gave myself pneumonia from heartache.  In turn I ended up saving a puppy mill pomeranian from Parvo and helped to close down a fraudulent vet clinic.  I also rescued 2 additional dogs in her place.  #lemonade

I am a Medical Marijuana Activist and built a very successful collective that helped many sick people have access to medicine.  I am one of the good guys and spent 7 years fighting to stay open so I could help people.  In the end I had to choose between being a person of my word or screwing someone over but I choose to walk away. Physical disabilities aside, closing my collective for no reason other than politics.  My heart ripped from my hands.  In turn I am now working on developing technology to help patients gain access, doing interviews and consulting to keep the cause moving in the right direction.

I lost 100 lbs at 19  and developed a love for physical fitness.  I was hit by a car in July of 2013 and my ability to do the activities I love was taken from me.  In turn I work every day to get better, to develop ways to stay strong and I am writing books to help others learn how to eat to better suit their recoveries, holistic cookbooks and self help books.

I have 100's of stories like the ones listed.  Its the story of my life.

It may seem like I am a judgemental person or like I am hard on people.  I know, I am certainly accused of holding grudges but I really don't see it that way.  I only have room for good people in my life. The bad just comes from living life. I am hard on people because I am hard on myself. If I can live morally so can you. I am hard on myself because I always believe I can be doing better.  I believe that the energy that you allow into your life plays a huge role in how much positive progress we make on our own self esteem.  I can not keep company with negativity or people who are not progressive and honest about their life.  I live with full transparency with nothing to hide.  I am direct with people and say it like it is. I treat the people I love with kindness so I keep that circle small because the amount of love I give to the people I care about takes an effort and is thoughtful and genuine.

My goal is to be able to experience this life and the world through self love and positivity. To help spread the message that life really is your choice no matter what comes your way!

Pool Therapy Time! 

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