Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Healthy isn't a quick fix... its a lifestyle.

They don't teach nutrition in medical school, we're taunted with images of unattainable lifestyle and body ideals, we just take a pill for everything, they serve processed foods to hospital patients and we wonder why everyone has a dis-ease that we're paying and fighting for a cure.... 

Um, just found the cure for you...  Eliminate the cause. Same thing with guns. It's not the guns, it the mental health epidemic we're ignoring.  In our attempt to avoid actually having to feel, make efforts and be real and deal.... We're dehumanizing life to auto pilot. I'd rather really live, feel, suffer, overcome and survive.  #commonsense 

When a 3000 pound Vehicle hits your bare body and you have to fight with doctors to believe you that something is terribly wrong for over a year, have 3hr reconstructive hip surgery twice in one year then you have to re-learn how to walk twice, it really opens your eyes to how negatively societies ideals of a beautiful body and a quick fix ruin our minds and destroy our health. 

How could I hate something and mistreat something so much and not give the energy or effort to properly take care of the only thing that truly loves me, protects me from the world and makes me alive. Our body and minds are all we truly have in this life.  With a little effort towards your health there is nothing in this world that should make any person look at their body and not think it's beautiful or worth the effort to take care of properly.  Your body is life and life is beautiful! Feed your body whole unprocessed (chemical free) foods, do physical activities, listen to how you feel and have fun in moderation!  But most of all love your bodies already because what it looks like and how it feels is really only of value to you not society! There is no value in a picture perfect body if it's not living in good health and has nothing of intelligence and good morals in the head on its shoulders which is what really counts! And that's what I've learned about life.  Health is afforded to those who work for it and those easy fixes catch up to you. 

Here's some of the tools I use instead of taking the pills I'm pushed by every doctor including my own father. I want to heal and figure out how to overcome my disabilities not mask them. It's a painful reality but I have heightened senses and I really feel life. The good, the bad and the painful but with a smile because I'm really living the best way I know how and trying my hardest at everything. Knowing that makes feel warm at my core and delighted in my heart, in spite of it all! 


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