Wednesday, November 29, 2017

You are what you eat: Constipation

Here’s a fantastic chart that shows foods that eliminate and/or prevent constipation. .

Recently, I had someone tell me that they are very constipated as a result of treatment for an autoimmune disease and they’re vegan so they exclaimed “I’m plant based” and all my blood tests are perfect. They told me that they use prune juice, eat prunes and drink castor oil as well as stool softening teas to help relieve it and eventually it works but they’re constipated immediately after. 

I asked what their “vegan diet”’consisted of. Everything that this person eats is plantbased but processed as well as prepared in an unhealthy way. What they fail to recognize is that fake processed vegan foods are filled with binders, chemicals and sometimes preservatives. If it’s in the “food” to bind it before you eat it, what do you think it does inside your body when your body isn’t capable of processing and using those binders, while it is already having to process chemicals from pharmaceuticals for the autoimmune disease? It makes your stool bind together in your body causing major constipation.

If the natural remedies for constipation are working, it means that your body will digestively function normally when your body is fed whole natural foods it can process and is able to use without byproducts. 

Since this person can’t eliminate the pharmaceutical treatments that may contribute to their issue, they have to keep their consumption of processed foods to a minimum in order to avoid constipation. 

Switching from eating animal products to eating processed fake vegan foods is a lateral nutritional diet change.  It may be ethically right for the animals and reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels but it’s just as harmful as eating animal products. Keeping our nutrition focused on how to create wellness with properly functioning bodily functions and prevent disease or accommodate disease is how food becomes our medicine and our reward is health with minimal symptoms from whatever our body may be dealing with. .

You are what you eat!


  1. such an awesome piece i had no idea on how constipation takes place in the human body and what exactly triggers the feeling i beleive this would provide the to anyone in the firld of clinical health