Sunday, April 23, 2023

Taste the Rainbow? No Thanks!

Taste the rainbow? No thanks!  I feel very fortunate that I was able to give Vivienne the first 2.5 years of her life without her ever tasting artificial colors but as life has it we can not control everything our children are introduced to & through school & marketing she got her first taste of artificial food coloring. Let me tell you that not only was the hyperactivity present within a second of the dyes touching her tongue so were many other symptoms. 


Now mind you my daughter has a nutritional foundation that consists of whole unprocessed plant based foods. Her body is very sensitive to the smells, textures and affects of anything unnatural. The majority of the time when she wants to try a food that’s processed it won’t even get past her smelling it because her body doesn’t recognize things with dyes or additives as food. If she does taste it, she usually doesn’t like it & spits it out.  However, she does like gum balls and jawbreakers BUT she has realized she instantly becomes hyperactive, unable to focus and will ultimately get a tummy ache. 


It’s fascinating that the symptoms produced by these dyes are immediate and undeniable.  I can understand how parents who have fed their children these dyes and other additives associated with these symptoms since they starting eating could miss that these foods are causing their children’s behavioral problems, giving their kids gut and headache symptoms.  If you couple the symptoms from food dyes, additives & add the affects of dairy to it, it would be impossible for a parent to even consider that the health symptoms, chronic colds/flu and behavioral problems aren’t genetic or natural and they’re actually being caused by what they’re feeding their child. 


It’s only really apparent to me because I’m a nutritionist and I’ve studied these dyes and additives but because of the nutritional foundation I’ve created for my daughter, I can see the affects in real-time and can say with certainty that children’s development and wellbeing are being thwarted by the dyes and they are being diagnosed with illnesses and medicated for something that a change in nutrition will solve. 

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