Sunday, June 18, 2023

Generational Cycles of Well-being



One of the biggest misconceptions is that the health of a child starts when they are born. The health of a child begins with what their mother eats when they are pregnant. A child’s development in the womb is based on the nutrition the mother eats, their lifestyle and mental well-being during pregnancy.  A child’s developmental issues, allergies, and health are all pre determined by these factors in conjunction with genetics. The cycle of well being starts at conception and continues through childhood into adolescence and then adulthood. You can directly correlate the health of a child and their  development with studies conducted on the affects of eating particular foods and lifestyle.  Then take into account genetic triggers and you can clearly see the generational cycles of well-being. 
While there may be exceptions to the rules with why some children can have zero injuries with vaccines while other do and while one child may been born completely healthy and a sibling  has developmental issues, it all comes down to chemical reactions during development and since no two dna are the same either are the chemical reactions to nutrition, lifestyle and genetic triggers. 
You can not control wether the dna will have a positive or negative reaction to a hormone in animals products or a preservative in processed foods but you can control not exposing that dna to something that holds a risk. 
Creating a lifestyle and nutrition that does not include consumption associated with developmental  risks and disease like animal products, processed foods, synthetic vitamins, food dyes and GMO’s removes the likelihood of continuing the vicious cycle of generational diseases and obesity. 
Look at your families genetics and look up the foods that cause the diseases your family has a history of developing and avoid them, then look up the foods that prevent those diseases and eat them. Every person has a chance to create health and well being and breaking this cycle by controlling their nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle that including being active physically and working on mental well-being with consistency and the desire to make life better for the next generation.

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