Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Everyone is political about people not actual issues.

There isn't a single political post on my feed that isn't just a hate poster about literally nothing. I don't care who wrote who's speech. Here's what I care about, the fact that our country is being poisoned by our food which is giving everyone cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and making everyone obese. This is a picture of the school lunches under Michelle Obama's guidance.

Obama approved dietary guidelines against Doctors recommendations to appease the meat and dairy industries. (See below for article links)

Hillary Clinton is part of the people who are allowing Monsanto and other Biochemical companies to literally poison you, while keeping you in the dark. She's pushing the dark ban which means your food won't be labeled with what poisonous chemicals are in it. 

How can your health or the health of your children mean more to you than who wrote a republicans or democrats First Lady speech, when your current First Lady thinks your child should eat processed fake meats with hormone filled milk.  There isn't a single issue besides health and environment that should matter more because without those two things, we are all dead. So, continue hating each other over things that don't matter without having a single issue that's actually important to discuss. This is really where all lives matter. 


Obama Dietary Guidelines:




Hillary Clinton and BioChemical Companies:





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