Saturday, January 5, 2019

Real Nutrition is Whole Foods Not A Powder

The fitness and health industry fascinates me. The majority of the people seeking guidance are overweight and diseased because of eating unhealthy yet the solution recommended to them is powdered protein, weird colored unnatural health drinks, synthetic and processed versions of vitamins and an unhealthy manipulation of micros and macros that usually promotes animal products which 100% lead to disease. The chemicals in these foods alone are so unhealthy not to mention harmful.  Fake food creates chemical reactions in the brain that contribute to irrational thoughts and relationships with food.
There is no reason for anyone to supplement with anything if they are properly preparing their foods and eating whole natural foods. If eating is what got you to your unhealthy state then the only way to make change is to change what you’re eating and fix your mental relationship with food. Proteins powders and weird colored “health” drinks are not the solution, it’s actually perpetuating the problem and creating even more health issues.
Our bodies are meant to eat natural Whole Foods to get everything we need for our body to operate in optimum health.  So instead of using fad products and meal replacements learn your genetic health triggers and what vitamins and nutrients are in real foods and eat what your body needs to prevent disease and maintain a healthy weight. Develop a healthy relationship with food that lasts and don’t look for quick results from miracle products. Any health professional that recommends protein powders, protein bars, synthetic drinks or anything besides whole natural foods is either selling that product for profit, is trying to get you quick results to continue making a profit off of advising you or doesn’t understand nutrition.

When you eat to prevent disease and feed your body the proper amount of micros, macros, essential minerals, and nutrients without chemicals and synthetic products, your body will regulate your weight naturally while strengthening all of your bodily systems so that you can live in good health for the long run. Healthy eating is a lifestyle choice that doesn’t come in a quick fix or a powdered scoop of fake food!

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