Monday, October 26, 2015

Human DNA in Hot Dogs is the least of your unknown cannibalism....

Here's an article causing horror in people who eat hot dogs! They found human DNA in them. 

Where I'm at: 

While doing some ingredient label research, I found out that "natural flavors" / flavor enhancers are typically made from human cells. 

These are the patents for some of the natural flavors you eat.....

 I'm still researching but I'm starting to believe the reason why you can't eat just one chip is because of the chemical reaction in your brain to those natural flavors which may also contribute to continual poor food choices which could probably be causing obesity and permanent disordered eating habits, especially in children.  It's mind control. Through your food.  This article doesn't surprise me. Your FDA thinks it's ok to let you eat a lot of things you wouldn't if you educated yourself. The more you know. 

Riding around Costco reading labels eating sulfur free dried mango 

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