Monday, October 5, 2015

Gun control and Stuff. 2cents. For what it's worth...

When your man looks at me, I'm the bad girl because of my outfit when the problem is your mans wondering eyes. When someone kills with a gun, the guns are bad guys but the real issues at the root that cause the Violence still exist. Neither actual issue is solved.  We always dance with the problems instead of admitting emotionally and mentally we are failing as a society, let's make real changes to help us emotionally grow. Obesity, sexual deviance and violence are emotional issues. Race and sexuality must finally be excluded because all of it, it's a HUMAN epidemic. #mentalhealth

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  1. everyone seems to agree that, with these beta-male shooters,

    psych-meds (or the lack of them) are the reason they snap -

    also the fact that the parents and schools put them on meds

    for "behavioral problems" at an age when their brains are going through

    critical stages of development ¢