Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Politics. We are all suckers

Hmmm politics are interesting. Republicans bash each other during and after the debate to fight for who will do a better job on the issues and during the democratic debate all the democrats on Facebook do is bash the republicans who aren't at their debate. The biggest victims are the public as a whole because your rights aren't given to you based on the party you support. And furthermore all those politicians care about is their own agenda that they won't ever tell you the truth about. Our entire government is not based on our well being it's about the shift of money that will make which ever party is in control have the ability to give their industries favoritism. That's all. It's local government that actually affects us personally. Anyways, people should get over the stereotypical party bashing because both parties are the same just a different focus to their evil. Ahhh government and capitalism. Ever amusing. 

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