Monday, April 11, 2016

Why ketosis and high protein diets are not the long term answer for optimum health!

I believe that our diet should be 80% primarily raw, non GMO, chemical free and untreated whole fruits, veggies, legumes, beans, nuts and (cooked) grains with 20% being pleasure foods like processed foods, meat, eggs, dairy. That's the perfect balance and nutrition to live in optimum health. 

I was hit by a car while riding my bike. When my body doesn't get proper nutrition it spasms from nerve damage and has symptoms like stiffness, joint swelling and autonomic neuropathy on top of chronic pain. I feel the immediate negative affects if my body is deficient in anything or not being fed proper nutrition. I won't use pharmaceuticals. I use holistic nutrition. I use food, herbs and juices to reduce all of my symptoms and it works. 

It's been scientifically proven that nobody has ever become diabetic, over weight or disease ridden by eliminating meat, dairy, eggs and processed foods from their nutrition, they actually thrive.  They've even proven to beat cancer eating this way. I can reduce leg spasms with a juice.  It's crazy but it's proven to be true by what I can see with my eyes, that positively affects my life. Proper nutrition is only implemented for people with diseases once the disease develops. The goal is to eat in a manner that prevents the disease from developing in the first place. Eat to thrive and prevent disease not to look skinny. 

So, if you want bacon have it, once a month not once a week then you don't succumb to the inevitable. 

Eating fresh fruits, veggies, beans, and nuts is more nutritious and beneficial for the body than a diet including what's scientifically proven over and over again (processed foods/drinks, meat, dairy and eggs) to be the cause of cancer, heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, erectile disfunction, high blood pressure, acid reflux, obesity leading to every other complication as well. 

Our society isn't taught how to properly eat. Sadly and shockingly, we are taught how to properly spend based on a pyramid of what our government, capitalism and industry wants. Health industry, medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, dairy industry, meat industry, fitness industry and our government want you to follow fad restrictive diets that lack proper nutrition. Those industries that primarily function on your ailments wouldn't exist to their magnitudes if we were all truly aware. The basic fundamentals of nutrition aren't taught. A diet that proclaims you don't need the benefits of fresh fruits and veggies first and foremost and puts an emphasis on eating anything else and promotes using synthetic supplements and shakes is restrictive and not proper nutrition. It's capitalism leading and targeting its consumers.  I was a victim too until I needed to actually heal my body from a major trauma and Ketosis diets and high protein diets like I used for years were exasperating my conditions. 

There are countless studies that confirm if you eat animal products, processed foods/drink with chemicals, meat, dairy and eggs you will end up with a major disease.  Just depends on what your body chemistry develops. 

Ketosis and high protein diets provides for a thin looking physique or a tool to stimulate weight loss that isn't meant to be a long term nutrition plan. You will have a thin appearance but not a body that will run on optimum health without disease for years. When you see the guy who's in perfect shape drop dead at 45 and nobody can figure out why. It's the continual lack of proper nutrition that shut down his bodies ability to function.  

There are a million resources that support what I'm saying 

Acid Alkaline Association 
A diet for a new America
The diet for the millions (1969)

Tesla was quoted as stating that cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment. The diets spoken about above put your body in an acidic state making the kidneys have to over regulate the ph balance of the body. The continue strain of balancing ph and the acidic environment cause disease. Adding carcinogens to an acidic environment develops cancer. When you feed the body properly it doesn't have to strain and stress itself to operate properly. It's the stress oxidation and continual strain that causes the body to in essence malfunction. 

There is a plant based food for all your nutritional needs. You just need to learn what foods do what for you. When you look at your food you should be asking yourself. What does this do to feed my body. You can finds foods that provide all essential amino acids, proper nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. All plant based, all providing nutrition to feed the body to operate in perfect health without developing disease.  It's science. 

People who live to their 90s like Jack LeLane knew this and there is now a slew of plant based UFC fighters and many other professional athletes are switching to this lifestyle as well because it builds stronger muscles and also oxygenates the body amongst other things  to raise performance and endurance levels. 

Eat high protein, be in ketosis if you want there's always a chance you'll be the lucky one who won't develop anything but more likely the body you'll be left with won't have lubricated joints with healthy cartilage, your blood and lungs won't be able to 100% oxygenate, your skin won't be clear, your blood vessels won't have clear linings, your arteries will be clogged, your blood pressure with be high, your prostate will be enlarged, your dick won't be that hard, your cholesterol will be high, your bones will be brittle, your bone marrow will lower its ability to produce white blood cells, your immune system will be weak and you will develop cancer or another disease.  

None of that develops on an 80% plant based diet with only 20% being pleasure foods and alcohol.  It's the balance that prevents and treats disease while allowing you to responsibly enjoy the pleasures in life. 

My goal is to promote thought and self education. If you don't believe what I'm saying please pm me at the articles with scientific proof to the contrary. I'm all about education. Let's enlighten each other to live the best most healthy lives we can. Body, mind and soul! 

Amy Michelle Weiss 
Live ~ Love ~ Laugh 
Raw Earth Medicine 


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