Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grown up decisions with Amy Michelle

This morning I was faced with a situation I know all too well: Do I walk the dogs or masturbate!?

Very grown up and tough decision; you see because I seem to always put myself in this situation.  I know I need my morning "riseNshine-gasm" first thing but HELLO it's 2015 and my social media sites and informational sources all need a checkin'.   It would be totally acceptable, IF I was just "checkin" and not engaging.  Now, what should have only taken 15 minutes, has me lying in bed pushing back and even furthering the time i'm allotted in the morning by Violet and Little Louie to mix in petting, phone play and masturbation before they seriously need to go out.  Today I pushed it to the max, which I can't say I don't always do and here they are staring at me and Violet made her little whimper that it's time.
The Happy Seat 

Pee Pee Party

I sit there dildo in hand with the grown up decision:  Do I have my "riseNshine-gasm" with two dogs kinda watching or get up to walk the dogs....

GROWN UP -  FUUUUCK MEEEEEEE... (ugh, maybe probably definitely... later)


  1. You are better than me because sometimes I need my morning nut but you just need double your time tonight so that means double your pleasure so GOOD JOBS DOGGIES LOL

  2. That's a super positive way to look at it! Haha!

  3. Wow... Decisions decisions...either way it's happy ending for somebody!!!!!