Friday, April 24, 2015

Health Tips with Products I LOVE! - Avoiding the afternoon Crash * Salad Dressings*

Energy Boosting Salad - Cucumbers, Garbanzos, Spinach, Beet and Tomato

When I use to work in the corporate world there use to be this 4pm lull where you could literally feel the energy in the building shift.  It's probably because all the energy that everyone was putting out in the morning to get everything done was now focused on digesting lunch.  Salads are a wonderful way to keep your body fed, feeling satisfied and energized throughout the day while giving you a bounce in your step because they don't weigh you down!  

The trick to keeping your energy up all afternoon is to make your lunch a salad low in fat and packed high in complex carbs. This way your body won't feel sluggish in the afternoon while trying to break down heavy slow digesting foods like saturated fats and proteins while still keeping you going.  If you stick to a big filling easily digestible salad you'll be sure to avoid the afternoon crash all together. The problem with salads is that all of the good nutrients they provide are ruined with oil heavy salad dressings, thats high fat content slows down the digestion of all of the delish veggies that are trying to feed your cells.   Instead of the salad being good for you, it actually becomes like having a cheeseburger because a tablespoon of olive oil is 120 calories and 14 grams of fat.  

How many tablespoons of dressing does one really use!?  A lot more than that! The average person will use a minimum of 4 tablespoons of dressing totaling - 480 calories on average and 56 grams of fat!  I'd rather eat that in any other form of food then a dressing.

TIP:  I take my favorite spices like curry, cumin and pepper and toss the salad in them to give the salad a little extra specific flavor kicks.  Then I take my favorite mustard and mix it with balsamic vinegar and a little rice wine vinegar.  This makes a full flavored low fat dressing that I can be as liberal as I want with and it won't take away from the benefits from my nutrient rich energy boosting salads.  If you're out and about, you can always "cut" down the fat in a dressing by using whatever vinegar that restaurant has on hand.  It will help spread the flavor of the dressing throughout the salad without slapping the extra fat on your ass! 

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