Monday, April 27, 2015

Jesus Christ Life, what a pain in the neck!

Yesterday I decided to give resting a real chance.  I skipped my workout and all my other physical rituals like epsom salt baths, icing and drinking my special juices.  It was a crazy just lay around, smoke weed and eat edibles all day (pain management, i can't function without it!) and be lazy.  Well, Jesus Christ I woke up today and CAN NOT MOVE MY NECK!  Like I can not turn my neck right or left and looking up involves moving my entire back.  I guess the moral is, that all of my holistic measures to manage my pain and my mobility work and when I drop the ball for a day and try to "rest", I just set myself back.  If I'm completely honest, laying around and doing nothing is only fun if you're naked with someone else and you're really not doing nothing. So, the lesson I learned is that the more consistent we are with our holistic health and nutrition practices the more we consistently feel good.  Although I suffer daily from pain, today I learned how much worse it would be if I wasn't doing what I am doing.  Off to the spa for the day to get straight and enjoy my silver linings where ever I can!

Spa Vibes

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