Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ulcer Healing Juice

Ulcer Healing Juice 

1 Head Cabbage
5 Carrots
5 Stalks Celery
1 Cucumber
1 Green Apple
1 Bunch Parsley

Ulcer Healing Juice is made cold pressed! Cabbage juice is a long-standing home remedy for peptic ulcers. Multiple medical studies have found that raw cabbage juice, consumed daily by patients with ulcers, provided almost immediate relief from the symptoms and that healing time was a lot shorter than those who didn't use cabbage juice. 

Cabbage juice contains powerful substances  including L-glutamine, S-methylmethionine, glucosinolates and gefarnate which protect and help heal the mucous membranes lining of your stomach and digestive tract.

Cabbage juice is rich in the amino acid glutamine. Glutamine nourishes and repairs the gastrointestinal lining.  Juiced cabbage also contains gefarnate, a substance that protects the lining of your stomach from damage. Gefarnate has been isolated and used as a pharmaceutical treatment, but making your own cabbage juice is a safer way to get a large dose of it for ulcers and other digestive disorders.

The combination of Cabbage and the other ingredients in this juice create an Ulcer Healing and symptom Relief Juice that if taken daily by Ulcer sufferers can work the same as most antacids on the market as well as aid in the rapid healing of the Ulcer and stomach lining. 

(If the taste of the juice isn't your favorite add Pear or Pineapple to the juice for a sweet delightful taste!)

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